As the founder of yoga, Bikram Yoga metaphor, a piece of steel is heated with a hammer which can change easily, so the internal temperature of 40 degrees C, can be soft due to the lack of movement and hardened, the muscles and ossos.então, even if is the lack of movement of the body,p90 workout routine but also can be a easily made different elasticity, easy to damage.
Hot yoga was born in India, was founded by the Indians in Hatha Yoga Bikram attack in general, temperature environment for Black 38 degrees Celsius at 42 degrees desktops. At the scene, people from the point of view, the practice of yoga in a hot environment, is the health of the corpo.há over 10 years, Westerners use modern equipment of heating, to reproduce the high temperature environment, traditional yoga practice with India, so as to develop a new yoga, hot yoga, also called high temperature térmica yoga or yoga.
As a branch of yoga, hot yoga, first in America, sharing, the song "big sister" Madonna, star of the NBA, Michael Jordan, is the torcida.os over the past two years hot yoga aferentes China projects emergentes tornam is in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities outras black training.
38 - 42 degrees Celsius "should be the most distinctive special yoga.
"Pursuit of high temperature environment on the one hand to restore the India place hot temperature, let Yoga natural effect of human outbreak, on the other hand, the body is not hot in the case of yoga is very easy to be injured,p90 workout beachbody especially in the cold season and to those who do not have the flexibility of practitioners of high the temperature seems to give a piece of steel is heated with a hammer, so it is easy to change its way of" hot yoga.
Hot Yoga Atlas
"In the long term, the practice of yoga, in addition to lose weight, but also the ease of endocrine, back pain, cervical pain and gastrointestinal diseases." the Yoga believed the introduction, the text has occurred, people came to be in the best of spirits, practice yoga, many also have this purpose. Hot yoga three times a per week, 1 hour each time, thousands of reuniu off black was the most popular yoga, yoga equine full floor interested on the floor,p90 workout p90x students 20 years of age 50, the majority of white collars.
Based on the human body flexibility exercícios, can improve the smoothness of the cervical spine, reversed direction address Pode play, promoting the blood circulation in the treatment of Shu, endocrine, cervical pain, role, especially suitable for frequency in people who take regulatory.

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